Nursery & Garden Supplies

Nursery & Garden Supplies are Australia’s favourite Garden Supplies store, having over 35 years of Horticulture experience under their belt.
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Brand Overview

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Nursery and Garden Supplies started as a home school project that expanded each year organically. Matt, the current owner, transitioned to full-time involvement in 2016 as the business outshined its hobbyist origins. Today, it is one of the nation’s leading suppliers in the Nursery and Gardening sector across Australia.

Website Design



Nursery and Garden Supplies old website in desktop view
Nursery and Garden Supplies new website in desktop view

Nursery & Garden Supplies’ previous WordPress website, while functioning well, needed some 2023 updates. Both visually and functionally.

Partnering with GCWebsites, our web design and development team delivered an eCommerce solution that improves the user experience at every level.

From outstanding responsive design, and impressive product search functionality, to an easy shopping experience throughout, Nursery and Gardens now has an incredible WooCommerce store that caters to every age and shopping style.

eCommerce Design


Nursery and Garden Supplies in desktop view