Tint-a-Home Window Tinting

Our team partnered with Tint-a-Home Window Tinting to enhance Jake’s Digital Marketing Strategy. Their previous website fell short of meeting the expectations of their digital marketing partners, particularly in driving conversions from their pay-per-click campaign.
Tint-a-Home's cover photo for their website design project.

Brand Overview

Tint-a-Home Window Tinting Logo

Tint-a-Home Window Tinting is an established Gold Coast based company that provides window tinting services for homes, offices, and commercial properties. Their window films are designed to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and security of your home or office.

Website Design

Tint-a-Home screenshot on a desktop device.

Our main deliverables for this project were:

  1. Creative Collaboration: Our imaginative designers closely collaborated with Tint-a-Home to capture their vision and transform it into an engaging digital experience. The website’s design not only aligns with Tint-a-Home’s values but also ensures effortless navigation for visitors and potential leads.

  2. Mobile-First Development: Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, we designed a responsive WordPress website, ensuring optimal viewing and interaction across a wide range of devices, from desktops to smartphones.

  3. Compelling Content Presentation: We restructured Tint-a-Home’s existing content to better convey their extensive range of window tinting services. The user-friendly layout and visually appealing imagery simplify the exploration and understanding of the company’s offerings.

  4. Enhanced User Experience: Our development process prioritized creating a smooth and intuitive user journey. From user-friendly contact forms to clear calls to action, our aim was to transform visitors into satisfied customers.

  5. WordPress Empowerment: By harnessing the power of WordPress and Elementor, we provided Tint-a-Home with the tools to effortlessly update and manage their website’s content, ensuring long-term adaptability and scalability.

  6. SEO Optimisation: Our team of SEO experts implemented best practices to safeguard Tint-a-Home’s existing keyword rankings, driving organic traffic and expanding their online presence.